Walking the Coast of Wales

Walking the Coast of Wales

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Dec.17th: SPIRIT TRAIL + PETROGLYPHS                                                 Temp about -10C, overcast. About 8km return hike from trailhead.



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Dec.16th: DUTCH CREEK HOODOOS HIKE or TRACK SOUP! Temperature about -10C, overcast, remnants of snow only!                      Staying in Fairmont, BC for a few days…resting before the Christmas rush! Started using the expression ‘Track Soup’ back in the early ’70s when, on weekends, staff members from Chief Jimmy Bruneau School in the NWT, wannabe hunters, would venture out hunting sharp-tail and spruce grouse and ptarmigan…more often than not, with limited success. When asked of the hunt, we would, on those many fruitless days, answer with “It’s track soup again!”

Today on this hike, we saw none of the animals – bear, cougar, fox, badger, touted on the Hoodoos sign at the trailhead…”It’s track soup again!”
In the photos you will see the Hoodoos, the Columbia River valley, the Dutch Creek valley, and glimpses of Columbia Lake and…tracks…
["The Hoodoos at Dutch Creek in Fairmont are a well know landmark to all travelers on the north south highway through the East Kootenays. According to the Ktunaxa Creation Story they are the ribs of a huge sea monster...they are are part of a terrace of glacial deposits and these cliffs were the result of the erosion of the terrace by Dutch Creek flood waters that separated the terrace at this point.' ref:www.geocaching.com]


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Zion National Park, Utah.

October 30th: Today, we made an early 1 1/2 hr ‘dash’ to Zion National Park to beat the rush! Zion is a very popular park and today was no different. However, getting there just after 8am made the difference. With temps about 9C [26C later in the afternoon] we were able to complete a morning 7 mile hike through some beautiful terrain. What colour and structure! Even ‘tame’ wild turkeys grazed quietly… Heading home tomorrow!

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“The petroglyphs here are thought to be the work of several cultural groups and represent a long period of use by Native cultures.
What these designs mean is still unknown. Archaeologists debate that they represent concepts, ideas or actual happenings. Perhaps they were part of a religious activity or hunting ritual. The local Native Americans consider them to be an important part of their cultural history relating stories of their ancestor’s life ways.” [Source: Utah.com] 


October 25th Drove some 500 km from Moab to Brian Head, Utah. Visited /drove through Canyonlands National Park and Dead Horse Point State Park on the SR 313, then Capitol Reef on US 24. Once again incredible vistas… We will be staying close to Cedar City for the next few days…not too far from Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon and Escalante National monument… Hope you enjoy the photos…12 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 2525ii 26 27 28 29 30 31 32

  • Mona and David Matthews from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, in a ‘mad’ moment, have decided to walk the 1400km, 870 mile coastal path of Wales! They will do this to raise money for cancer research and related support in Wales, Canada and the USA. David, who was raised in Wales, will celebrate his 70th birthday on the walk. The official start date will be, from Chepstow, SE Wales, on St David’s Day, 2014. Please support the cause by donating and sharing this website with family, friends and colleagues!
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