Walking the Coast of Wales

Walking the Coast of Wales

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Madwalking’s ‘JustGiving’ fundraising pages for Velindre and Macmillan cancer support MAD walking Facebook pagewill close effective October 30th, 2014.

Mona and I want to thank you most sincerely for the way you have supported our efforts to raise money for cancer research and related support. Thanks to you, MaD walking raised over $21,500.00 for the four cancer charities we supported.

We will never forget our walk around the magnificent coastline of Wales. We will never forget the people who we met, the people who provided transportation, accommodation, the people who donated, the people who joined us on the walk and the people we met ‘on the path’. The walk was a ‘highlight’ in our life experience.

Diolch yn fawr iawn! Merci beaucoup! Thank you very much! [Back in Wales next year!]

Mona and David [MaD]

PS Special thanks to our driver and good friend, Oscar.

September 20th: Calgary Welsh Society Raise over $2000 for Childhood Cancer Canada.

MaD Walking is very proud of its association with the Calgary Welsh Society and its 170 members. On Saturday, September 20th, 86 people attended a tea and watched a slideshow of our walk of the coast of Wales and donated over $2000 to the Childhood Cancer Canada Foundation. Thank you so much!

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And some memories…….

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On Friday, MaD, [Mona and David] with good friends and MaD Walking supporters, Anne, Fred, Marion and Harvey, walked the 14 km Helen Lake trail, one of the many beautiful trails in Banff National Park. In the photographs you will notice smoky skies that come from forest fires raging in British Columbia. On a clear day the views are even more incredible. The flowers along the trail were spectacularly beautiful. Thanks to Anne for identifying the flowers and thanks to Marion for sharing some of her photographs.
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It’s been two weeks since our return to Canada and our return to the MaD Walking site. To update the people who followed our walk in Wales and who BECAME a part of our walk through their encouragement and support, here is some of the latest news.
• After we finished our walk on June 12th, we enjoyed the hospitality of friends and relatives in and from Borth, Ciliau Aeron, Carmarthen, Llangendeirne, Gilfach Goch, Cardiff and Tunstall, Suffolk.
• A get-together party of nearly 60 people in Carmarthen [organized by my sister, Margaret], raised over £1300 towards the 4 charities we are supporting. The total raised now has reached more than £10,000 [$18,770].
• To continue our quest and raise more, the website, Facebook Page, and donations sites will be open until the end of September.
• MaD [Mona and David] will have a Marketplace booth at the North American Festival of Wales in Minneapolis from August 28th to 31st where they will give a PowerPoint presentation of their Walk in Wales in the hope of reaching people who are hesitant to donate through internet.
• On September 20th, in Calgary, a similar presentation will be made to members of the Calgary Welsh Society and the general public at St Mark’s church hall.

I have posted some photos that tell a little of what we have been doing since the completion of our walk.
Once again, many, many thanks to our family, friends and Facebook followers who have supported us and continue to do so……..

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I’ve been asked why walk the coast of Wales as opposed to touring it by bike or car. The following North West Territories of Canada experience comes to mind and perhaps helps answer the question.
A leader within the Tlicho First Nations felt the need for his people to get back in touch with their traditional hunting, fishing and trapping lands. To help do this he came up with a plan for an annual canoe trip that followed the river and lake trails of their Tlicho ancestors! His idea, back in the mid-1990s was to purchase canoes that could be paddled by people – youth, parents, teachers, guided by elders, to rediscover these trails.
In seeking money to purchase the canoes it was suggested that he purchase motors to put on the canoes as these would help ease the process and move the canoes more quickly along the ‘trails’.
His explanation as to why people needed to paddle rather than motor has stayed with me ever since, and is one of the main reasons I wanted to walk the coast of my country of birth!
I can’t repeat verbatim what John B. said but in my understanding it goes like this. When you are paddling your canoe you can hear, see, watch and smell the things around you. You can look back! You can stop paddling and observe. You are able to talk to those with you about those things you see or hear, or simply, in silence, absorb them into your experience. On the other hand, if you are driving a canoe with a motor, you can only look ahead to see where you are heading to avoid rocks. The motor drowns out sounds, frightens away birds and animals and makes conversation difficult. And, of course, what applies to the motorized canoe also applies to the car.
Walking is a whole sensory experience, something that is difficult to attain in today’s fast moving, motorized world.






  • Mona and David Matthews from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, in a ‘mad’ moment, have decided to walk the 1400km, 870 mile coastal path of Wales! They will do this to raise money for cancer research and related support in Wales, Canada and the USA. David, who was raised in Wales, will celebrate his 70th birthday on the walk. The official start date will be, from Chepstow, SE Wales, on St David’s Day, 2014. Please support the cause by donating and sharing this website with family, friends and colleagues!
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