NAFOW Calgary 2016

NAFOW Calgary 2016

March, 2015

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Our Visit to Cochabamba

MaD went to Cochabamba to meet some of the children we sponsor through a charity called Chalice. Chalice has one of the best, if not the best, records for ensuring that money donated goes into the hands of those in need via staff on site.

The following is a photographic record of our visit:

Flying into La Paz: the highest airport in the world ‘El Alto’IMG_9160


Flying from La Paz to CochabambaIMG_9167


Our first view of Cochabamba, nestled in a valley – lower than La Paz.IMG_9172


Waiting to load into bus to site.IMG_9162


We were welcomed by an enthusiastic crowd of parents and children. The children are sponsored by Chalice Canada.IMG_9219




The following photos are of some of the children from the four sites in Cochabamba supported by ChaliceIMG_9235 IMG_9234 IMG_9240 IMG_9239 IMG_9238 IMG_9237 IMG_9236 IMG_9241 IMG_9371 IMG_9369IMG_9492

Some other images from our short time spent there!IMG_9455IMG_9511IMG_9478IMG_9422IMG_9400IMG_9346IMG_9319IMG_9295IMG_9291IMG_9289IMG_9185IMG_2122



MaD commends the wonderful work of Chalice and the staff who so selflessly teach, provide and support children in poverty in Cochabamba!


A trip to Cochabamba, Bolivia

MaD [Mona and I] will be travelling to Cochabamba soon with Chalice, a child sponsorship program. supports 1200 children in their 4 sponsorship sites in Cochabamba. We will be working at those 4 sponsorship sites and raising our awareness of the needs of these children. M a D, 2 of 20 volunteers going to Bolivia, have been asked as a group to raise $20,000 to fund the creation of computer labs that these children can access through the sites. We will be taking 3 or 4 suitcases of items donated by Calgarians that can be used by the children. We are also encouraging family and friends to consider sponsoring a child with Last year Chalice received an A grade in MoneySense magazine’s Charity 100 rating (

donated gifts1

Some of the gifts collected!


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