NAFOW Calgary 2016

NAFOW Calgary 2016

April 10th: Martin’s Haven to Dale COTE D’AZURE? NO, THIS IS PEMBROKESHIRE, WALES!

Who needs to go to the Mediterranean when you can have days like this in Pembrokeshire? Many of today’s photos are of the spectacular, colourful cliffs, rocks and beaches along the walk.
As we have walked along the coastal path and especially around Pembrokeshire, we have been reminded by the derelict WW2 pill boxes, gun emplacements, bunkers and airfields of how the military have defended Britain – as they still do today. For this we thank them and our Canadian and American forces, with all our heart! One of the things that photos don’t display are the sounds that we experience during our walk such as the songbirds, the sounds of the sea, the wind, the farm animals, they are all a part of the walk….
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