NAFOW Calgary 2016

NAFOW Calgary 2016

April 15th: Whitesands Bay to Caerfai Bay and St. David’s for tea with Mrs V Jones. CALGARY, CANADA and ST. DAVID’S CONNECTIONS

Mona [the M in MaD] keeps saying ‘This is the best day yet!’ and, indeed, today was another wonderful day of walking in sunny weather with friends David, Lise and Ray. Yes, Ray Davies from Kidwelly has joined us for 3 days of walking. The cliffs and rocks constantly attract the camera with shapes, colours and angles that together, always seem to present something new. St. Non’s chapel provided us with a peaceful and interesting break. After our arrival at Caerfai Bay we walked into St David’s and visited Mrs Jones, Hilary and David for tea. We had a wonderful welcome and a truly enjoyable end to the afternoon. The Calgary connection? Mrs Jones’ son, Ted, runs the TeaTrader store in Inglewood, Calgary, and is a member of the Calgary Welsh Society.


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