NAFOW Calgary 2016

NAFOW Calgary 2016

April 23rd: Aberystwyth to Borth [6 miles] OUR ‘HALF-WAY’ POINT – 470+ miles ‘under the belt’.

Today we completed the last leg of the first half of our walk around the coastal path of Wales for cancer research and related support! Had a wonderful surprise this morning when Morfudd Jones, a member of the Calgary Welsh Society and some members of her family, met us in Aberystwyth at the start of our walk to Borth! Thank you Morfudd so much for your encouragement and support!! After ‘kicking the bar’ we climbed Constitution Hill so named after Victorian vacationers would climb the hill to better their ‘constitution’. We saw an example of some of the ocean-front damage created by the winter storms on our descent to a little place called Clarach where trees had been snapped in half as if in a tornado. A fellow repairing a bridge told us that some trailers had been overturned such was the ferocity of the storms. I [David] found this an interesting walk as despite being raised in Borth I had never walked that coastal path. Quite emotional to see Borth from the heights of the cliffs. Borth has changed since I was a lad living here in the 40s and 50s. The sands I remember and played on for 12 years seem to have shifted and in some areas, disappeared. The sand-dunes area in Ynyslas seems to be much improved, accessible with environmentally friendly walkways, etc. Great to see cousins and friends again!

map of wales 1:2 way there






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