NAFOW Calgary 2016

NAFOW Calgary 2016

April 2nd: New Quay to Aberaeron

We have been so lucky to get so much support from family and friends in Wales. The first two photos are of the cottage in which we are staying – it belongs to cousins Sian and Nigel and is an amazing holiday cottage with beautiful grounds bordering the Aeron river. By the way, you will notice that many towns in Wales begin with the prefix ‘Aber’! ‘Aber’, in English, means ‘the mouth of the river’. So in the case of the town of Aberaeron, the name refers to its location at the mouth of the river Aeron. Today’s walk was quite short in some rain yet so enjoyable… while walking we have simply been amazed by the friendliness of people, local and visitors…must be the Welsh air! Enjoyed some fish and chips in Aberaeron after our walk – the owner, Will, is brother to Tegryd & Rhiann in Calgary, members of our Calgary Welsh Society!
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One Comment to April 2nd: New Quay to Aberaeron

  1. Richard and Linda says:

    Great to meet you both today-we made New Quay but decided against the return walk and caught the bus! Hope the rest of the walk goes well.

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