NAFOW Calgary 2016

NAFOW Calgary 2016

April 6th: Stormy Weather – Freshwater West to Angle

Stormy Weather! Rain and Wind on a beautiful walk.
First day of walking in Pembrokeshire with Lise and David L. They joined us for the most challenging walk yet in regards to weather. The rain was constant and a gale force westerly wind kept us leaning towards the sea. Sea foam was being thrown quite far inland. Today’s highlights had to be the power of the sea. Arrived at Angle and once again surprised by cousin Dilwyn, Llinos and friends, Carol and John who drove from Cross Hands for a visit!

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One Comment to April 6th: Stormy Weather – Freshwater West to Angle

  1. Yvonne says:

    Sending another email in case you did’nt receive the earlier one I sent. The building on the island in Milford Haven is probably a defence for Milford Haven in Napoleonic times against the French. Before you get to Goodwick there is a memorial stone to the last invasion of Great Britain in 1797, when a French Force of more than a thousand men surrendered on Goodwick sands to a Welsh woman, Jemima Pritchard who had captured 12 men with a pitch fork. You can see the tapestry in Fishguard.
    Did you hear the request on the radio, that I sent for your birthday??
    Good walking to Lise, David and you both x

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