NAFOW Calgary 2016

NAFOW Calgary 2016

April 9th: Dale to Herbrandston or It’s wonderful not to have to dry your boots!

Somebody working in his garden called it the ‘best day yet’ – sunny and even warm in the shelter of coves, trees and lanes. Another day of walking along strikingly coloured cliffs. Passed many ‘ruins’ – it’s unfortunate that there isn’t information at each site as they raise so many questions as you stand near them or in them. We did meet David Charles Tarasconi [actor] who shared much of his life story with us! He told us of the coastline being a haven for smugglers of contraband in the old days as well as in more recent days! He spoke of Captain Hook the famous pirate who had frequented the area, Henry VII being born in Pembroke castle, the Napoleonic and the WW2 defences that pepper Milford Haven. As we were once again ‘backtracking’ from Dale to Herbrandston, [we had to walk an extra 3 1/2 miles as the incoming tide prevented a beach crossing] we met Steve again, this time with his brother Mark. They were heading to Dale! It is wonderful not to have to dry your boots!

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3 Comments to April 9th: Dale to Herbrandston or It’s wonderful not to have to dry your boots!

  1. Richard Donohoe says:

    Perhaps the wall at Monk Haven is the remains of a Medieval dam. I Googled Monk Haven and came across this tidbit.
    “St. Ishmaels Tump: This is what remains of a Norman Motte and Bailey castle. It was a minor medieval stronghold defending the peninsula under the supervision of Walwyn’s Castle. Wooden palisades surrounded the top of the fort above the bank and ditch system. The bailey may have been to the south between the motte and a mere that has been enlarged to form an irrigation lake. Traces of a dam suggest controlled flooding was an additional defence.”

  2. Yvonne says:

    Still looking at your excellent pictures, weather forecast is good for the nex few days, not sure whether you are getting the emails I send.
    Hope you are all fit and healthy.

  3. Margaret Freedman says:

    Hi David & Mona, Herbrandston was the last place Derek & I lived before coming to Canada .great photos , brought back many good memories

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