NAFOW Calgary 2016

NAFOW Calgary 2016

From Maerdy farm back to Peterstone Gout

We are camping at Ty-coch, a small campground near the area known as Wentlooge Peterstone churchbetween Newport and Cardiff. Back in 1607 a ‘Great Flood’ hit South Wales including these lowlands and the lowlands we walked from Chepstow to Newport, past Redwick and Goldcliff. Over 2000 were left dead by what some consider might have been a tsunami. Nearby is St Peterston church where it is said that people sought refuge from the waters. There is a flood mark on the wall of Redwick church which shows the level the water reached.

Here are some other photos we took today. To Anne in Calgary note the daffodils. daffodilThe terrific storms that Wales has experienced recently has washed up some surprising things, including this toy horse!  The peacock was a bonus!

Surprising things that have


2 Comments to From Maerdy farm back to Peterstone Gout

  1. Lynne John says:

    Well done for walking this far in such a short time.
    I walked with a fiend from Newport to Cardiff along the Coast Path last Thursday. We also saw the toy horse and the cows with the big horns but we didn’t see the peacock. I think you’ll agree that West Usk Lighthouse is an interesting site We also walked on the seawall!
    We intend walking from Newport to Redcliff next Sunday. You’ll be in the Vale of Glamorgan by then.
    By the way, the Coast Path as you get near to Cardiff, after Pengam Moors is horrible. Very badly littered but only for a short stretch.
    Looking forward to joining you on your walk in Neath Port Talbot with the Ramblers.


  2. Lynne John says:

    I didn’t walk with a fiend but a very good friend!!!!!
    Did you spot the other deliberate mistake? I meant we are walking to Redwick, not Redcliff!
    Good luck for tomorrow’s walk. The weather seems to have improved which always makes walking more enjoyable

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