NAFOW Calgary 2016

NAFOW Calgary 2016

March 10: Well met in the Northwest Territories!

One evening back in 1972 in Fort Smith, NWT, I attended an ‘education’ meeting. People were being introduced and then amidst the monotony, I heard the name, Brian Lewis. A Welshman, no doubt. I went over to meet him and he stood up. I’m a short 5ft 6″ and I watched with amazement as his 6ft 5″ frame slowly but surely rose to loom over me. Mona and I have been friends with Brian and his wife, Della, ever since! Today we live three houses apart in Calgary, Alberta!  Brian is prolific writer! He hailed from Gilfach Goch where one of his brothers still lives. If you are interested in reading a poem that Brian wrote, ‘A Boy’s Childhood in Wartime Wales’, please go to the newsletter page of the website of the Calgary Welsh Society, You will find the poem in the December 2013, issue.

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