NAFOW Calgary 2016

NAFOW Calgary 2016

March 13th: 12 miles Swansea [Sketty Lane] to Southgate.

Heavy fog prevented us from seeing the beautiful Mumbles on the Gower. TheFoggy Start fog lasted for the entire walk, lifting occasionally to tease us for a moment or two! We met several people walking. Pointing out to sea, we asked one couple what we might see if it were clear…he replied “open ocean – South America’… We met Rob and Dianne and, later, Ken who mentioned that he was lucky to avoid being caught by an incoming tide. Still a wonderful day! Even in fog one can find beauty, even entangled beauty!

Special thanks to Llinos who drove us to our starting point and picked us up later.The MumblesGowerCoastGhostlyTreesMagicLaneRuinedFarmhouseRob&DiannePrimrose beautyClearing FogDaffodilsOverSeaViews

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