NAFOW Calgary 2016

NAFOW Calgary 2016

March 17th: Hillend to Llanrhidian

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Great walk today with friend Alun Altham from Gorslas and the walking club ‘Cymdeithas Edward Llwyd’! The AlunCapstorms that hit Wales earlier this year have taken a lot of sand away from some beaches exposing old wrecks. We saw one today.  The photos will tell some of the story!

1WormsHead3Spaniard Rocks4wreck 5aFriends Met 5Old pigstye 6Landimore 7 8 What? 9WeobleyCastle 10 11 11  Llanridian Church 12 14 15Church

2 Comments to March 17th: Hillend to Llanrhidian

  1. Brian Lowans says:

    Hi, Glad your enjoying the Gower. Would like to join you tomorrow – Tuesday if I may. Swansea bus arrives Llanrhidian at 9.23am.
    My mobile number is 07407604939 but reception not always very good on Gower.
    Regards Brian

  2. Alan Altham says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed a wonderful day with David and Mona walking from Hillend to Llanrhidian.Will keep in touch,with a view to join up again someday soon.
    Pob Hwyl ar y daith

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