NAFOW Calgary 2016

NAFOW Calgary 2016

March 21st: Burry Port to Llansaint via Kidwelly!

A great day of hiking with Ray Davies of Kidwelly. Enjoyed the walk along the beach front meeting people. In the Pembrey Forest we met up with four hikers from the Aber area, Sandy, Peter, John and Hugh and then faced a massive flooded area that forced us to detour through the thick and thorny underbrush, ably led by Ray, who earned the name Ray ‘GPS’ Davies. We hiked into Kidwelly to be greeted by the mayor at the great Kidwelly castle. [The name Cydweli means the shared (river) bed where the two rivers Gwendraeth, the Fawr and the Fach, enter the sea. Huw T (Williams)]. After a good lunch we hiked to windswept Llansaint. There we were picked up once again by Huw who drove us back to Burry Port.

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One Comment to March 21st: Burry Port to Llansaint via Kidwelly!

  1. David and Diane Davies says:

    Hello David and Mona,
    Great to see you are progressing. Don’t forget “West is Best”, the scenery is going to get even better on Pembs. and Cardiganshire.
    I like the comments about the Cockle Women and their fortunes but they were also partial to quarrelling and falling out with each other as wives. There is a legend which explains why there is now little cockle beds in Ferryside. Some 100 or more years ago the cockle women of the Ferryside area on the east bank of the River Towy fell out in a big way and the cockles being extremely sensitive all moved to the west bank of the river to Llanstephan, and said to themselves they would never return? A wonderful old Welsh story passed down over the ages which of course could be equally true the other way round?
    So when you get to Ferryside make sure you don’t quarrel with Mona or she will get a row boat over the river whilst you have to walk round Carmarthen?
    Keep up the good work. Da Bo.
    David/DaiTwice. xxx

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